User driven functionality, experience design planning, team leadership and process design.
Defining and designing UX/VX architecture for applications, mobile and desktop products.

For a while (10 years) I led IF/THEN, a design studio I co-founded in Seattle. After serving as Creative Director for Deloitte Digital's Seattle office, I joined Microsoft as Design Director for Maps and People teams, and headed the Communications and People family of products as Creative Director. Following this, I led the Mixed Reality Studio Avatars Creative team, UX/VX/Art, expanding identity representation, driving connections between people, work and social experiences in Mixed Reality and traditional contexts. 

Currently I lead the Seattle UX/UI team at Sonos as the Senior Design UX Manager.


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HP Support

Complete redesign and reengineering of the HP Support website. The 6 months long project was to deliver a powerful, well architected, fast and multi-faceted experience for the support portion of the site. 

The experience needed to ensure access to support for the HP customers in as few clicks as possible for products spanning a tremendous amount of operating systems and product skews. The project was delivered with an integrated team via a tightly run agile process with the client teams in Palo Alto and Boise. 

My Role

My role involved extensive creative team management, user experience planning and testing, design, front-end development and quality assurance coordination. Driving and working extensively with the back-end implementation and integration team at the India branch of Deloitte Digital. 

Realized at Deloitte Digital in Seattle.

Project case-study available on request.

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HP Support
HP Support
HP Support
HP Support
HP Support
HP Support
HP Support