Multifaceted + experienced. Leading as well as doing. User driven functionality  planning and design, leading teams and establishing processes. 15+ years of experience in defining UX architecture and designing experiences for applications, mobile and desktop products.

After serving as Creative Director for Deloitte Digital's Seattle office, Andi joined Microsoft as Design Director for Maps and People teams, and led the Communications and People family of products as Creative Director in 2016. Now leading the Mixed Reality Studio Avatars Creative team, UX/VX/Art, driving product design and expanding identity representation, driving connections between people, work and social experiences in Mixed Reality and traditional contexts.


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Microsoft TechEd

Identity system for Microsoft's TechEd 2011, a technology centric conference. After extensive interviews with the stakeholders, the project began by representing the broad variety of interests and applications of Microsoft technologies along the industries using them. 

Another "must" was to visually position the conference as a modern and engaging experience by injecting a sense of action, activity and fun. The branding had to be localized across Europe and Asia. Represented below are excerpts from the style-guide, a few of the options set aside and the logo exploration leading to the final.

Microsoft TechEd 2011

Microsoft TechEd
Microsoft TechEd
Microsoft TechEd
Microsoft TechEd