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Defining and designing UX/VX architecture for applications, mobile and desktop products.

For a while (10 years) I led IF/THEN, a design studio I co-founded in Seattle. After serving as Creative Director for Deloitte Digital's Seattle office, I joined Microsoft as Design Director for Maps and People teams, and headed the Communications and People family of products as Creative Director. Following this, I led the Mixed Reality Studio Avatars Creative team, UX/VX/Art, expanding identity representation, driving connections between people, work and social experiences in Mixed Reality and traditional contexts. 

Currently I lead the Seattle UX/UI team at Sonos as the Senior Design UX Manager.


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Office Secure Score

In the process of further bolstering the security of the Office package, the team had an insight and an actionable idea: combine the act of securing your installation with a clear report of your usage and show how your security score stacks up against other similarly situated companies. 

Secure Score would help organizations:

→ Report on the current state of the organization’s security posture.

→ Improve their security by providing discoverability, visibility, guidance, and control.

→ Compare with benchmarks and establish key performance indicators (KPIs).

→ Help stakeholders and organizations make key security-related decisions. 


The right approach was a series of co-design sessions with the client, starting with a concentrated data and problem intake, followed by sketching, brainstorming and ideation. We made a data backed internal selection of the right interactions and info display patterns, which was pitched to stakeholders in a user-centric design workshop. 

We produced a wide range of solutions from which we narrowed down to the right mix of interaction and data visualization, which was then coded responsively using the Angular framework for delivery.


I led the pitch, product strategy UI/UX design, testing and client delivery of the final coded product. The work was produced with another UX designer and a developer partner.


The Secure Score feature launched in 2016 and was adopted as a default feature in the Microsoft Office offer suite.

Complete process case-study available

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Office Secure Score
Office Secure Score
Office Secure Score
Office Secure Score
Office Secure Score
Office Secure Score