User driven functionality, experience design planning, team leadership and process design.
Defining and designing UX/VX architecture for applications, mobile and desktop products.

For a while (10 years) I led IF/THEN, a design studio I co-founded in Seattle. After serving as Creative Director for Deloitte Digital's Seattle office, I joined Microsoft as Design Director for Maps and People teams, and headed the Communications and People family of products as Creative Director. Following this, I led the Mixed Reality Studio Avatars Creative team, UX/VX/Art, expanding identity representation, driving connections between people, work and social experiences in Mixed Reality and traditional contexts. 

Currently I lead the Seattle UX/UI team at Sonos as the Senior Design UX Manager.


Print Regional Annual
Communication Arts
Seattle Show
Regional Emmy

Restoration Hardware

Pitch for re-envisioning of Restoration Hardware's online business. The pitch centered on rethinking the idea of style and taste and casting it in a new light to give the brand the best exposure. Defining taste, editing the captured footage to best express the idea and having it all come together in a well designed pitch presentation and pitch book. 

The process took 1 week from beginning to end and gave us all the opportunity to make a case for curated and attainable luxury tied to a solid online presence strategy. 


Creative direction, design, team coordination and direction.

Project realized at Deloitte Digital Seattle

Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware